Increase Seen in the Number of Women Having Breast Reconstruction Following Mastectomy

From 2009 to 2014, the rates of breast reconstruction following mastectomy grew to 62%. To get this report, researchers sought through medical record databases in 22 states in women who were at least 18 years old. While it was seen that all age groups had more breast reconstruction generally through their analysis, it was seen that the largest increase was in women aged 65 years and older, those who were insured by Medicare, and those who had no insurance. The researchers reported that the increase in reconstruction rates were attributable to a greater amount of reconstruction surgery being done at outpatient facilities, as well as a greater amount of reconstruction surgery being done as a separate surgical operation following mastectomy. Black women were more likely to have reconstruction surgery done simultaneously with mastectomy compared with White and Hispanic women. Patients are urged to speak with all of their cancer doctors and plastic surgeon regarding the best options for their situation in having breast reconstruction.


More Women Having Reconstruction After Mastectomy. Published October 19, 2017. Accessed August 24, 2022.

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