Information on Post-Mastectomy Prosthesis

Following a mastectomy or lumpectomy, there are several types of prosthesis, or breast forms. The amount of breast tissue removed has to do with the type of prosthesis that is required. Types of prosthetic devices include:

  • External silicone breast prosthesis – Designed to mimic natural breast tissue and can aid in posture, preventing shoulder drop, and help any balance problems, as it is weighted
  • Non-silicone breast prosthesis – Light-weight prosthesis that can be worn after a mastectomy during exercise, hot weather, and swimming
  • Attachable breast – Self-adhesive breast that binds to the chest wall with adhesive strips
  • Post-surgical soft form in camisole – Light-weight and removable breast form that fits into a camisole garment that is worn mainly after mastectomy, lumpectomy, radiation, or through reconstruction breast surgery
  • Partial breast prosthesis, also known as a shaper or shell – Foam, fiberfill, or silicone breast form that is worn over an individual’s own breast tissue, enhancing the size of the breast


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