Screening in Women With Dense Breasts: Ultrasound as a Proposed Solution

It is estimated that when women get annually screened for breast cancer beginning at age 40, there is a 40% reduction in breast cancer mortality. Mammography has been an influential screening tool in detecting early breast cancer but has shown imperfections in those who have dense breast tissue, resulting in a reduction in the sensitivity of mammography in this population. Women who have dense breasts are at an increased risk for developing breast cancer. The researchers of this review summarize literature about screening breast ultrasound, as they state it is effective in finding mammographically occult breast cancer in those who have dense tissue. They discuss the differences in detecting cancer in women who are high risk vs intermediate risk, as well as examine realistic ways to incorporate screening ultrasound into clinical practice as a solution to the growing need for more screening for this patient population.


Thigpen D, Kappler A, Brem R. The Role of Ultrasound in Screening Dense Breasts-A Review of the Literature and Practical Solutions for Implementation. Diagnostics (Basel). 2018;8(1):20. doi:10.3390/diagnostics8010020

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